Hello Summer Holidays...

Yesterday marked the first day of the Summer holidays, the long awaited time of the year when you can slow right down, not feel guilty about taking a few hours off to enjoy family time.

 This week is also a momentous time for us as after 4 weeks in being in a cast it is finally off just in time for her to enjoy her last swimming lesson at school yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that just over 4 weeks ago Matilda broke her wrist in two places. It happened one sunny day on a what should have been brief visit to the park. A few minutes after arriving Matilda had slipped off the monkey bars landing on her right hand, screaming in pain. A crazy dash to the GP followed ending up in A&E at the local hospital. Thank god for NHS, despite the constraints and their working conditions each person we saw was patient, kind with a big smile on their face.

We came away with Matilda in a cast in pain and distraught. I was horrified that my little girl had not only one but two broken bones, it happened in a matter of seconds and there would have been nothing I could have done but I couldn't help feeling a failure as a Mother. Our natural instinct as a Parent is to protect our children from any harm so when I saw the clear break on the Xray I was devastated. Thankfully we have a very cheery little girl who was the best Patient, understanding and careful she only had a couple of wobbles over the last month when she couldn't do the same physical activities as her friends.

Now it's off and the holidays are here so plenty of opportunity to make up for lost time though still no climbing for the next 2 weeks...

Happy Holidays!