An Afternoon at the Shed Theatre

I'm afraid the Husband and I both bunked off our respective work places on Friday, to take Matilda to see the critically acclaimed dramatisation of The Elephantom running at the rather lovely temporary space The Shed at the National Theatre. The Shed is standing in for the Cottesloe whilst it undergoes extensive refurbishment, pioneering new challenging work, and showcasing fresh talent.

The Elephantom. Cartoon of a young girl 'daydreaming' the Elephantom

Under the watchful eye of the marvellous Marianne Elliott, the co directors, Finn Caldwell and Toby Alie of The Elephantom have created a magical show that equally entertains adults and children. Full of surprises, charming, quirky and very very funny it makes everyone wish for a naughty elephantom in their lives. Brilliant physical performers, puppeteers supported by the spectacular toe tapping music composed by the fantastic Adam Pleeth, brought to life a special story of a naughty elephantom who causes havoc in a little girl's household. Sadly the show ended yesterday but do keep an eye out, this production deserves another life.

We began our afternoon with lunch at one of Matilda's favourite restaurants Wagamama where she devoured a plate of chicken noodles and afresh apple juice. I tried the delicious Pad Thai and the husband went for our other favourite Yaki Udon. With a full tummy, we then ambled around the Southbank which was as inspiring as always despite the bleak skies, I do love this part of our city where the creative arts take centre stage in invigorating the community.

Our stowaway afternoon when most of London is preoccupied with their work, turned us into tourists in our own city which was a wonderful feeling. To take the time to take a breath, and marvel at the grand London landscape is positively enriching. I highly recommend it!