A Postcard from Gothenburg's Archipelago

It's not surprising that come Spring-Summer the residents of Gothenburg vacate the city life for the serenity of  the islands that surround the mainland. Communing with nature, outdoor living without the constraints of modern life, slowing right down to enjoy time with family and friends is what these islands are all about.

In these times of great uncertainty we're having to go through right now I wish we too had the option of jumping on a ferry to a nearby island to escape the turmoil...

What really struck me was the stillness and quiet of these islands without traffic or the usual noises we're so accustomed to. Living in the country now I do often go a whole day where I only hear the bird song or the occasion horse trotting up the road, but even I noticed the silence.

There's one thing I'll say about the Swedes they really are a stylish lot, the wooden chalets on the islands are stunning, in fact I'd be happy to live in one all year round!

We took a tour around several of the islands but got off at Branno where we spent a calm couple of hours exploring, I say exploring I spent a lot of the time straining my neck peeking through people's windows! Branno is one of the larger islands with over 800 inhabitants that have lived from farming and fishing. In Summer there are folk music and traditional dance festivals to entertain visitors and residents whilst the beach proves very popular with all visitors.

Switching off at the weekends and holidays appeals more and more to me as we are surrounded by the pressures of technology. Sometimes it'd be lovely to drop off the airwaves and I really couldn't think of any where more fitting to do that than here...