My first Mothers Day as just a Mother...

My first Mothers Day without my own Mother was always going to be painful. Her absence stayed with me throughout the day, it felt disorientating not to call her to wish her a lovely day whilst having a good old gossip at the same time. She was a proud Grandmother and often said that her Granddaughters were extra special because they were her daughters twice over if that makes sense? For her the day was equally about her as Mother as well as us being Mothers.

Matilda and Glen made every attempt to still make it a special day for me. I was thoroughly spoilt including gifts made by Matilda, flowers, books and the bread machine I'd been dreaming about for months! Breakfast of smoked salmon and eggs was served by my little waitress Matilda who went to great lengths to dress the part.

The morning was spent with my feet up reading the latest issue of my favourite magazine The Simple Things until it was time to go to lunch at a local village pub the The Three Blackbirds in Wooditton. If you're ever this way it's worth dropping in as the food was sublime with excellent service to boot as well as a welcoming open fire. It's recently been taken over by a local Farmer so a big deal is made of sourcing local seasonal produce which is served with great flair.

As Matilda had gone to great effort we treated her to a trip to the cinema to see her favourite Kung Fu Panda 3, we then collapsed in front of Countryfile and the last episode of Call the Midwife.

A lovely day tinged with sadness though I appreciated all the love showed to me by my little family. Made me feel special. Hope you all had a beautiful Mothers Day last Sunday?