Paris Je T'aime

Watching the horrific situation unfold last night in Paris was devastating. A city that is so very close to my heart attacked in such a vicious way, so many people hurt and dead is unthinkable. We've had our fair share of devastation in London too, do these terrorists have s little regard for human life. Two wrongs do not make a right, an eye for eye is wrong, pure and simple.

Paris is special to me for so many reasons, I lived there for a year in my late teens, a year that marked my soul forever. I have close family that still live there and whom thankfully were at home safe. It is also where the husband proposed to me nine years ago. Paris is a city I love implicitly, inspirational to me in many ways. So you see not only is Paris one of the most beautiful places on this earth it has marked my life in so many positive ways.

My heart and prayers goes out to those families that are suffering loss or injury and to all the Parisians, so fiercely proud of their city who are undoubtedly feeling vulnerable and frightened. As my cousin said this morning to me 'it feels like war has broken out'. How can a human being feel so compelled to inflict death on another? All countries need to stop inflicting pain on others, the blame is universal.

Be strong Les Parisiens we are with you. United we all stand against the perpetrators of such horrors.