Images of Autumn so far

As many of you may know Autumn is my favourite season, rich in colour, plentiful, crisp bright mornings and the last couple of days have been beautiful here in Cambridgeshire. Autumn signals to me the start of cosy, warm nights in front of the fire breathing in the reassuring scent of burning wood, candles flickering, rich stews bubbling away in the slowcooker, the aroma of chestnuts roasting, cinnamon baked apples and pears. Long walks down country lanes wrapped up in woolly hats and scarves jumping in mud puddles. Halloween and Bonfire Night being the highlight of this time of year for our family when we go to town with decorations, this year we were able to have a party for Matilda and her friends which was enormous fun for all including the adults.

Living in the countryside has made me appreciate the change in seasons even more, the tree lined roads surrounding our village are breathtaking at the moment, their leaves turning deeper and richer and now following to the ground with each day that passes leading us into yet another seasonal change.,.one that is perhaps not so welcome, long bleak days of the meantime I'll enjoy these last few resplendent days of Autumn then make the most of the shorter days to batten down the hatches in preparation for the glitter of the Christmas period...

What is your favourite season?