Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Happy belated Valentine's day! Hope you all had a suitably romantic time, ours included spending the morning at a party of sugar fuelled five year old at a soft play, then we might have seen our forever (no big shakes, not getting excited...) then we headed to grab a Marks and Spencer £20 Valentine's Day deal which had run out so we had to resort to their Chinese Roast Duck followed by noodles. None of which was very tasty at all, bland, such a let down Marks and Spencer...

None of this was important though as our little girl was so excited by Valentine's Day and her home made card made hurriedly on Friday night by yours truly, that that was all that mattered. In the evening the husband and I finally made it to see The Theory of Everything, again I was ever so slightly let down, perhaps because of the hype, though I must give credit to the extraordinary performance by Eddie Redmayne. His theories and their early love affair could have been more thoroughly explored, there wasn't enough of a journey but a huge leap from a glance at a party to caring for a seemingly dying man. There is no doubt Stephen Hawkins is an exceptional human being who deserves every tribute but I for one would have appreciated understanding his mind a little more. Perhaps I now need to read Jane's book?

Today there was another party followed by a lovely walk and a drink in a country pub. A perfect Sunday enjoying our little family's company.

What exciting things did you get up to this most romantic weekend of the year?

My beautiful flowers from Glen my husband were from the fab Flower Boutique in Linton, Cambridgeshire