A Snowy Cambridge morning

A little someone squealed with delight when told to pull back the curtain to take a look outside. My heart sank a little, don't get me wrong I love how the snow makes a landscape that's otherwise ordinary turn into the most beautiful sight. However it's when the snow turns to ice or worse still brown sludge that I can't abide.

The last time it snowed heavily in London a couple of years back Matilda and I were both desperately poorly with a sickness bug so weren't able to enjoy it. Sadly the glorious sun has come to claim it's land back so the snow here has mostly melted away, I'm hopeful Matilda managed a few snow ball fights in the playground at lunch time though her wish for building a big snowman may have to wait a little longer...

The snow seems to rekindle the child in all of us, reaching for it becomes irresistible throwing it at each other the ultimate game. It also instills panic and can grind a country to a stop, as we experienced a few years ago when London came to a standstill that day in January. The buzz of London life gave way to sounds of laughter with footsteps crunching with snow underfoot. Londoners took to the parks to build a whole community of snowmen, children turned boxes into sledges to slide down it's hills. What a magical day it was.