roomtobreathe hits the Financial Times!

I spent most of my career as a Theatrical Agent being wary of the press,  I remember my heart sinking to immeasurable depths with those late Friday afternoon calls from tabloid journalists. In those days 'dirty tactics' journalism was widespread... Dealing with the press was the only part of my job that I loathed mostly for fear of whatever I said being misquoted or misconstrued.

What an entirely different experience I had being interviewed by Ian Wylie for the Financial Times, though I must say a small part of me still feared the worst as I leafed through today's issue in search of my interview, which I agreed to without copy approval (something I was always reluctant to accept for my clients!).

There was no need for any worry on my part. It is a lovely article and we are thrilled with it! Here it is for those of you that don't have access to the FT website...enjoy!