My word for 2015

After a rather life changing 2014, my word for 2015 will be Grasp.

I've never really been one to take too many risks, I thrive on routine, security and comfort. My path in life so far has been pretty straightforward, only a handful of hiccoughs and hearth ache along the way, decisions have fallen into place reasonably easily. Opportunities or risks that have arisen in the past that have generally been beyond my comfort zone I've been reluctant to pursue. So this year will be the year that I grasp these said opportunities and run with them.

It is time to face the fear of change head on, trust my instinct and go with the flow. Sadly age is also no longer on my side, being in my early 40's means I need to do this now or never. Though in spirit I don't feel any older than 21 for most under 30's I'm now considered middle aged *shudders*. 2015 will be about grasping chances and making them happen for the good of my family, work and mind. Learning to not be reticent but jump head first into a pool of risk will be challenging, but as I've proved to myself last year I can do it.

Complacency doesn't bring happiness, making it happen for yourself is the only way to ensure a full life. Je Ne Regrette Rien has been playing constantly in my mind since the 1st of January encouraging me to be more aware and inspired to live my life to the full, after all we only get one chance. Finding my creativity again in 2014 filled me with excitement, too many years of being on the other side had overshadowed my potential, my confidence is growing daily by the encouragement I've received from those around me, both close and those I've met worldwide along the airwaves with whom I've developed an artistic affinity with. A wonderfully creative community that quietly gets on with inspiring and supporting each other.

So there you have it, grasp is now firmly ensconced in my 2015 agenda.

What is your word for 2015?