Mill Road Winter Fair

Last Saturday one of the most lively and colourful roads in Cambridge played host to its annual Winter Fair. A celebration not only of Christmas but of it's international community. When we moved to Cambridge my neighbour said 'if you ever get homesick go to Mill Road, it's the closest you'll get to London short of going to London' and how right they were, I could easily be transported back to the multicultural Golborne Road!

As a regular visitor to Mill Road I love mooching around its welcoming cafes, restaurants, the oriental supermarkets, Arabic food stores and vintage shops.

Saturday was a brilliant celebration of the heart of its vibrant community, with the road closed off to traffic the public meandered up and down taking in the wonderful sights and sounds. Bands seemed to pop up out of nowhere to create uplifting music, street performers entertained while the food stalls fed the hungry revellers. There was big emphasis on independent local crafters with plenty of Christmas shopping opportunities in every community centre in the area.

It was the perfect start to the Festive Season with the scent of mulled wine filling the air and everyone's hearts! What a wonderful afternoon!