John Lewis does it again...

The John Lewis Christmas commercial has become a bit of an institution, we all wait in great anticipation for the day it is finally released. It's almost as if it heralds the start of the Christmas season allowing all of us to begin the excitement.

John Lewis that emporium of all things useful, luxury and downright necessary seem to get it right every year. Their commercials tug at the heart strings evoking a nostalgic Christmas past that touch all that watch them.

I defy anyone not to have shed a tear for the 2011 commercial then last year's animated The Bear and the Hare moved me each time I saw it. Their choice in accompanying music is inspired each time, especially for me the two aforementioned commercials.

This year's looks to be as successful as it's predecessors, the buzz created throughout the internet in the last couple of days looks to be a testament to that. Matilda as soon as she spotted it immediately exclaimed that she wanted a Penguin for Christmas, though I do suspect she means a real one!

Enjoy the touching Penguin story!