Festive accessories from Anthropologie

I've always sworn never to get sucked into the whole Christmas crockery thing. Everywhere at the moment they have them piled high, beautifully displayed ready to leap into your shopping trolley then proudly displayed for a couple of days before being laid to rest and gather dust in a cupboard. So no I definitely will not be persuaded.

Well that was until today when a little email popped into my inbox from none other than Anthropologie. As you might be aware I'm a huge fan of all things Anthropologie, it's one of those shops that I've never mastered the art of leaving without a shopping bag full of goodies that I really have no need for or shouldn't have bought but have given me endless pleasure.

I mean how can I resist these beautiful items available here that will adorn our family table for years to come...

Star Gazer Brownie Pan

Treetown Tea Towel

Embroidered Andes Cocktail Napkins

'Tis the Season Cocktail Napkin

Anthropologie if you're reading Cambridge is missing one of your stores, please come here. I may just have to start a petition!

All photos taken from the Anthropologie website.