The Little Little Story of Cambridge

A couple of weekends ago we went on one of our Vintage Fair trips this time in neighbouring village, Whittlesford. Packed with beautiful pretty stalls, there was one in particular that caught my eye immediately. The stall belonged to The Little Little Story of Cambridge, a befitting name for these dreamy children's clothes and accessories. The vintage materials evoke a nostalgic bygone era that is increasingly in demand as people grow tired of cheaply made factory products covered in slogans or designs that make little girls into adults far too quickly.

I've always liked to dress Matilda in handmade vintage style clothes that are unique, made from pretty fabrics. I long for her to remain in her childhood for as long as possible, which means also dressing in cute clothes made to reflect the spirit of innocence. There does seem to have been a shift in consumer consciousness towards the more independent, ethical sellers which is reassuring and with the advent of Etsy these are much more widely available, at reasonable prices. It would seem there is still some work to do in this are to promote the makers which is why I approached Bronwyn about writing this post.

Bronwyn the designer and maker who is behind The Little Little Story originates from Perth Australia, where independent sellers are hugely popular so upon arriving in Cambridge she was surprised to find it was not also the case here. Bronwyn began by making her own or altering shop bought clothes, then after the birth of her little girl her attentions turned to childrenswear and accessories. She uses only pretty natural materials and enjoys nothing more than discovering cute vintage materials she can transform into something delightful that the likes of me love to dress their children in. From the sweetest dresses and bloomers, Bronwyn has a wonderful eye for design. I especially loved the little baby bonnets and dresses. If you have a particular size you need or style Bronwyn is more than happy to accommodate and make something unique to your child. That is the beauty of an independent seller the human contact, the knowing where your purchases have come from and that they have been made with love.

The main ethos behind The Little Little Story is to provide, in Bronwyn's own words 'pieces that I would primarily like to dress my own daughter in, comfortable, natural, practical but still look good!' I think she's more than succeeded, don't you? Matilda has not stopped wearing her polka dot hair clip since we chose it together. For anyone that knows Matilda you know that is a miracle as she has always been reluctant to put anything at all in her hair!

Check out the lovely Little Little Story's Etsy shop, Items can be shipped worldwide so no excuse do support Bronwyn's wonderful business whilst at the same time ensuring your little one is the best dressed kid in town!

The Little Little Story on Etsy

All photos by The Little Little Story