Grantchester Meadows

We were blessed with a truly beautiful Autumnal day yesterday. The kind of day that makes Autumn the most beautiful season of the year. The kind of day when the golden, ruby and orange leaves glisten under the rays of the sun.

Since our move to Cambridge we've been wanting to walk through the Granchester Meadows so yesterday was the day. Not before having a quick bowl of pea and ham soup and a slice of Victoria Sponge at the Orchard Tea rooms to set us on our way.

A picturesque walk along the Cam awaited us along with families of ducks, canoeists, dog walkers and other people taking advantage of the warm weather to stretch their legs after fulfilling lunches. We didn't quite reach Cambridge itself, next time, but enjoyed the exhilarating stroll taking in our environment. How lucky are we to be living near such natural beauty!