Discovering Homestuff With History

I needn't have worried myself about shopping opportunities when I left London. Cambridge is not only complete with the normal high street stores including an excellent John Lewis, but tucked away down small alleyways or back streets are a whole raft of wonderful independent shops.

As a Virtual Assistant we are often asked to shop on behalf clients, mainly for birthday or wedding presents so as you can imagine I was keen to move somewhere with all the amenities without having to resort to driving into London each time. My search for client shopping potential has been much fun though a little hard on my bank balance as I get waylaid...

One of my new discoveries is Homestuff With History who decided to make their Summer pop up at the lovely Burwash Manor into a more permanent affair. Lucky for all us customers who love something unique rather than the run of mill, they are now there to stay.

Homestuff with History is packed with furniture and vintage items that send me all a quiver. Unique items that have been shown a bit of love and are now ready to grace a new home. Successfully run by brother and sister team Matt and Kathryn Brown for over 10 years now, this new venture is bound to be a success. As well as all the enticing collection the staff are delightful too, happy to chat and advise.

I shall definitely be back and am over the moon with my little green glass bottle and fruit tray which I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of!