What a week...

Matilda started Full time school from last Tuesday. She is loving it but Me not so much. I miss her dreadfully, the house being so quiet which on the plus side means I get a lot more done during the day avoiding all the late night work sessions, but I miss her company.

I'm sure I'll get used to it, thankfully work and family visiting from Portugal has occupied my mind. After a hectic week in school, Matilda was spent yesterday so we had a very quiet weekend trying to recoup our energies ready for the week ahead. The weather yesterday kept us mostly at home where we watched films, did homework (yup homework at the age of 4!), got a lovely Indian takeaway from a new discovery: Inder's Kitchen in Cambridge and read lots of books. An early night for us all gave us the impetus to venture out to a lovely Vintage Fair in the neighbouring village of Whittlesford. Then the Husband took Matilda to see her very first 3D film The Boxtrolls whilst I went off to do some shopping for dinner. Then we hurried home to a lovely piece of Roast Pork that had been slow roasting for hours, the cooler weather is calling for more roasts and cosy evenings in.

The biggest milestone for Matilda this weekend was attending her very first proper swimming lesson. She's loved being in pools with her daddy the last couple of Summers but our first disastrous attempt at swimming lessons when she was 18 months old, which she clearly did not enjoy has put us off until now. In what seemed like someones private indoor pool, she was only one of three children with an instructor so she took to the lesson like a duck to water! She even attempted to dive down to the bottom of the pool, egged on by another more experienced little girl. She's super excited about her lesson next weekend which is always a great sign of a good teacher, thank you Ciara from Aweswim Royston!

Now I'm near enough ready to collapse on the sofa to watch the new series of Downton Abbey, anyone else as excited as me about its return to our screens?! Have a good rest of the evening and a good start to week tomorrow x