I left my heart in Cromer...

One of the big advantages of living just outside Cambridge is our proximity to the stunning Norfolk coast, one of our most treasured destinations in the UK. Now that it only takes an hour and a half to the beach as opposed to the 3-4 hour slog from West London, we'll be escaping there a lot more often.

The lack of Summer holiday due to our move was beginning to take it's toll by the Bank Holiday weekend, and in desperate need of some fresh sea air and respite from the unpacking, we took off first thing Saturday morning. Thankfully the weather was on our side (at least up until Monday lunchtime), the sun came out allowing us to enjoy the wide sandy beaches and their most special treat - the glimpse of three seals frolicking near the shoreline at Horsey Mere, how lucky were we?!

Cromer was the focus of our visit this time, a quintessential British Seaside town garish and a lot of fun especially if you're an impressionable four year old with a definite penchant for neon lights. This town is the height of cheese, do not expect any level of sophistication, here is where you get let your stylish hair down and dispense with any attempt at cool. What fun it was!

You can just make out the seal's head bobbing around!