Timing is a funny thing...

After months of willing her to catch chicken pox, taking round to friends as soon as those little red spots appeared on them, in the hope she would catch it, her immune system has finally relented. Two of her closest friends are just getting over their bout of chicken pox and I honestly thought Matilda has missed her chance, but no on Sunday Glen noticed a few little spots and by Monday they were coming thick and fast.

Matilda was devastated yesterday as this was not only the last week at her Nursery before the long Summer holidays, but her last week at Queens Manor School. Her last chance to see all the wonderful friends she's made before her move. My heart ached for her as the realisation crept in that she wouldn't be finishing her term with the friends and incredible teachers that have been instrumental in making her the happy, bright and funny girl that is.

We couldn't have wished for a better start in the academic life that lies ahead of her. The care, quality of teaching and fun environment these women have created in their corner of Fulham is second to none. I have nothing but praise and gratitude to shower upon her two unique teachers Emma and Wendy. They make learning fun and easy, Matilda often would surprise me with facts or stories that could only have come from them. Her last school report at Queens Manor was exemplary and a credit to her teachers as well as to her. They totally got Matilda, her sense of humour and sometimes over enthusiastic personality, the report bought me to tears.

Her thirst for learning, art, music and drama has been encouraged and developed in such a positive way since she started. She has been provided with the right foundation to go on to begin her education.

Not only will Matilda miss these two ladies but I will too. From the bottom of my heart and teary eyes thank you Emma, Wendy, Joan, Manpaul and Jill for being so kind to my daughter. We'll always remember you, and will visit whenever we can. Keep on doing what you're doing, all I can say is how lucky all these children are that are taught by you!

Matilda's first day at Nursery back in January 2013 already listening intently to Emma and which I wrote about here.