Farewell London

For the last 42 years apart from my university years spent in Bristol and a year in Paris, my home has been London. I'm proud to say that Fulham is where I was born, bred and lived except for those short spells away. Fulham has changed beyond recognition in that time but is has always been my home and will remain forever in my heart.

However, from tomorrow evening we will upping sticks and moving to the beautiful Cambridge area. It's been a whirlwind decision but one that I know is for the best. Our daughter will be bought up a country girl, who's London roots I'll never allow her to forget I hasten to add, where she can run free, enjoy nature surrounded by wildlife and the freshest air. No doubt one day she'll return to her home town and this flat when she is much older but in the meantime she'll have a much longer untainted childhood filled with outdoor adventures. She'll run through the woods, picnic along the Cam, learn to ride a horse, build dens, create magical kingdoms in the nooks around the garden and eat fruit fresh off the trees.

Moving out of London has been in our thoughts for a while but somehow the courage to actually go through with it has been somewhat lacking. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago our hand was forced when the husband had the fortune of landing a job in Cambridge. After a tempestuous time for him recently it was the change he needed and so therefore we needed as a family. Despite knowing all this I've run through a whole gamut of emotions from anxiety to fear to exhilaration to a lot of tears brought on by the sheer exhaustion of trying to do a move in two weeks! So the removal men come in tomorrow to pack up our lives and transport them to a beautiful Cambridgeshire village where we will begin a new life.

Wish us luck...