Strawberry fields forever....

Last Friday I took the afternoon off to take Matilda strawberry picking (one of the great advantages of being self employed!). I picked one just off the M4, Copas Farm who have two sites at Cookham and Iver. Just as I thought it was blissfully quiet with fields full of goodies ripe for the picking, there's still a lot of asparagus to be had there and a lot of strawberries that remain untouched.

Ever since Matilda could walk we've taken her fruit picking, it's a wonderful family activity that appeals to all no matter what their age. Eating and picking as you walk along the fields, searching for the biggest reddest juiciest strawberries, is such simple honest fun.

We ended our trip with an ice cream on the grass

To check where your nearest PYO farm is check here. We somehow managed to pick 3 kg most of which will be going into jam. However we did make a rather delicious old fashioned strawberry pie which I'll be sharing with you soon.