Matilda's weekend...

This weekend was about Matilda. Though her Mummy and Daddy relished watching her little face filled with happiness.

Yesterday we took her to see her current obsession Scooby Doo at Guildford Live with some very dear friends. The best moment in the show was the final scene when Matilda and Finn ran to the front of the stage proceeding to chase each other whilst the actors sang the finale...we were in fits of laughter as blissfully unaware they continued to run their marathon! It is a moment in time none of us will ever forget. She then spent the rest of the afternoon playing and imagining with her wonderful kindred spirits in their beautiful, peaceful garden. It was such a joy to watch them run around, making up games as they went becoming all manner of characters. No need for TV with these guys around.

Today was the party of one of her closest friends. Despite not knowing any of the other children, Matilda threw herself into the situation without any hesitation, and with every confidence. How many adults could do that? Tis a shame that as children grown up they become more self conscious which can develop into a lack of self assurance. I love watching her innocence in a social environment, without a care in the world, or any preconceptions she drives a situation forward. I want her to retain this innocence together with her wonderful imagination for as long as possible, before she begins to realise the significance of life. Childhood is a wonderful thing which I feel privileged to be able to share with her on a daily basis. We love you so much bubba!