Happy Fathers Day!

Sometimes I genuinely feel like the luckiest girl alive to have been blessed with my Papa. A hard working, determined with a strength that knows no bounds. All his life from the age of 7 he strived to improve his own life and later his family's.

He came to England in 1971 with a pregnant wife, not speaking the language and never having been out of Portugal. He worked day and night to provide a better life for us and thankfully he succeeded.

I remember him clearly struggling to keep awake when on his rare afternoon off he'd take me to South Park or to Normand park for a kick about, the kit kats or pocket money he'd leave on my bedside table in the night for when I'd wake in the morning. He always kissed me good night but I'd only know he'd been there when I spotted the treat when I awoke. His remarkable patience and understanding despite the generational and cultural gap between us continues to this day.

I've relied on him all my life and continue to do so, I seek his advice and reassurance appreciating his sage replies. A daddy's girl I've always been and will always be. Words cannot express how much I love, admire and respect this man. His resilience, compassion and work ethic is a daily inspiration to me. Eu amo-te sempre Papa!

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddies out there especially Glen, my Husband! Have an extra special day celebrating with our little girl who adores you xx