Rooftop Film Club, Peckham Rye

There is something rather magical about watching a film in the open air, under the light of the moon and stars. The husband has always joked that one day when we move we'll set up our own outdoor cinema in the garden. Quite honestly after our experience last Friday I'm all up for that!

It has become somewhat fashionable in recent years for open air cinemas to pop up all over the country, last year I seem to remember there was a drive in cinema at Brent Cross.

Always fearful of the British weather I've never taken the plunge to actually go. This all changed last Friday evening when friends organised tickets to go see The Big Lebowki, one of our favourite movies, in fact I remember seeing it at the cinema for the first time with the very same friends. the evening took place on the roof of a fascinating building in Peckam Rye, occupied by various arts organisations, yoga group amongst others. It was a long way up but the stunning views across the whole of London was worth the out of breath and shaky arrival. Luckily we were treated to a glorious sunset, dramatic cloud which then lifted to reveal a starry sky and perfect crescent moon.

The view!

Roof Top Film Club is well organised with two delicious food stalls, a popcorn stand and a bar that remains open throughout the film keeping the punters very happy indeed. Eating corners have been set up so you can relax with your burger and drink, chat amongst friends before the film commences. Then you move onto the screening roof filled with deck chairs and a stall where you can pick up your headphones and blankets. There is however, no getting away from British Airways being the sponsors, their logo is plastered everywhere though it doesn't distract and in fact fits in with the quirky decor, and colourful location. Peckham Rye seems to be undergoing a Dalston style transformation and with more events like these it'll rapidly become part of the cool London map.

Cute eating corners

Yummy freshly grilled burgers with chips

Fuel for the evening!

Chill out corner
Roof Top Film Club runs throughout May with some great movies coming up such as Philomena, Citizen Kane, Breakfast At Tiffanys. You can also catch them in Hoxton and Kensington check out their programme on the website. It can get pretty nippy up there so do go well wrapped up, you are provided with a fleecy blanket but if you feel the cold like me it won't be enough to keep out the wind. Nevertheless, we had a fun evening and would thoroughly recommend this rather unique way of watching a classic movie high in the sky!