Matilda receives her very first bouquet of flowers...

A while back a friend posted on Facebook that her husband had bought their little girl a bunch of flowers, because he wanted to be the first person to buy his daughter flowers.

I thought it a lovely idea at the time, tucking the thought away in my mind for future use. Last Saturday whilst we were browsing the Saturday market in Saffron Walden we came across a wonderful Flower Stall packed with colourful blooms. The blue thistles caught my eye immediately and at £5 for a bunch a bargain, so I snapped those up immediately. Well, the husband did actually, as he did a look of disappointment crept across Matilda's face, as she obviously wanted a little bunch of her own.

It was at that moment I recalled our friend's good deed for his daughter. A memorable and tender gesture from a Father to his daughter.

And so our little girl was bought flowers for the very first time by her beloved Daddy. He who can do no wrong in her eyes, her hero. Watching Matilda with her Daddy reminds me of how I was with mine as a little girl, an unconditional love that can only between a child and their parent. I hope that in the future she'll be showered with beautiful flowers by those that love her, however she'll always know that it was her Father who was the first to delight in seeing her eyes light up by a big bunch of blooms!