Holkham Beach, Norfolk

The first time I walked onto the windswept Holkham Beach some eight years, my breath was taken away as it's beauty overpowered me. In those days there was no real path just a long walk through the woodland which led to a clearing onto this vast, majestic white sandy beach. Four miles of beach lined by beautiful, ancient woodland lies across the North Norfolk coast. The beach forms part of the Holkham National Nature reserve which includes the surrounding fields, dunes and woodland. The area is home to a variety of rare fauna and wildlife, and is managed by the all encompassing Holkham Estate.

No surprise that it has been used as a location in numerous film and television shoots, including the closing scene of Oscar winning Shakespeare in Love, and the Stephen Fry series Kingdom.

On Sunday the tide was coming in so the sand was not so white though in turn provided the perfect backdrop for children to dip their toes into the icy cold waters. The adults on the other hand can breathe deeply whilst enjoying the space to clear their minds. Holkham is a truly inspirational place where mother nature reigns weaving it's magical spell over all its visitors. Holkham is an unforgettable unique experience, possibly my favourite beach in the UK. It's a long journey from London but worth every mile, crash out in one of the elegant rooms at the remote Victoria Pub that stands opposite the drive leading down to the beach. Go!