Anna Mae's Street food van

One of the biggest highlights of last weekend was driving up to my friend's house in terribly just so Cobham to see a big Gold van parked up outside their place. This van wasn't an abandoned broken down heap, but a street food van. And no ordinary street food van either, this was Anna Mae's Van serving classic Southern American fare.

After a wonderfully British afternoon spent having a perfect tea, the party was all about her America roots. Well done Paul for organising such a very memorable day for her and for us.

This was such a treat for us guests! The pulled pork was just perfect melt in the mouth goodness, their famous mac n cheese was creamy and I fell in love with the golden cornbread.  Anna Mae's van travels to festivals, food markets and you can hire her for private events, such as my friend's birthday. It was such fun getting your plate of food from the van and eating outside in the hot sun. Definitely one to remember for future parties with no washing up, no long days of cooking just a great deal of good soulful food being served to your delighted guests!

You can check out their website here.