Adventures in Flowers Workshop

You may recall my pretty Mothers Day posies that we picked up at the totally brilliant Poppy's Place, the best new cafe in Fulham! On Monday night I was back at Poppys to take part in a Floral Workshop run by Anna Collins from Adventures in Flowers.

Anna creates the most beautiful whimsical arrangements in whatever container she has to hand, be it an empty baked bean can or a tiny glass bottle. They are free in composition, magical like they've just walked out of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

She is a fountain of floral knowledge, did you know that leaving leaves on stems in vases drink up all the water that should be feeding your flower? That tulips are the only flowers to keep growing once they've been picked? Or that Daffodils release a poison that kills other flowers if kept in the same vase? I know, I had no idea!

Anna encouraged us to experiment with flowers, taught us not to be afraid to cut stems and to be more aware of our surroundings and what we can (legally) grab for free. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and huge passion for flowers and what can be achieved with them was quite infectious. She'll hopefully be running a few more workshops so do keep an eye on her website or twitter feed for more dates. A great way to spend an evening; playing, chatting, drinking Prosecco whilst snacking on the loveliest nuts all provided by Poppys. I got to come away with an armful of flowers to boot, as well as a little bunch for Matilda especially put together by Anna! You can see my creations below!