Sticks and stones

The incredible weather this week has meant a brilliant outdoor start to the Easter holidays. The shining sun enables outdoor play, Matilda has barely been in the house since Saturday. Her little shed has taken on a new life this Spring, she spends hours rearranging the contents, creating scenarios with her soft toys and sweeping up fallen magnolia flowers.

Today I took her to her very first Theatre workshop at the wonderful Polka Theatre for Children. As documented in this very blog I've resisted the encouragement of her theatrical tendencies but this Bouncing Bunnies workshop seemed like a lot of fun so I relented. I've no idea what she did exactly in the hour and a quarter she was in the rehearsal room but all I know is that she came out bouncing like a bunny with a huge smile on her face. We then hotfooted it over to Richmond Park for a picnic with our old neighbours and boy the sun was hot. The children ran around the small playground by Kingston Gate but quickly got distracted with the load of logs, sticks, twigs and tree trunks lying around ready for the picking. The girls built treehouses, fires creating bridges and castles all from the wood.

The kind weather has ensured plenty of fresh air, and been good for our pockets as no expensive to soft plays or lunches in museums to avoid the rain. Playing outside with natural materials, using her imagination is as valuable as seeing a Van Gogh or Matisse. Long may this weather continue, well at least until the end of next week whilst we're on our Cornish holiday!