Poppy's Place, Fulham

For years I've yearned for a properly cool retro looking cafe in Fulham like those you see lining the streets of Dalston and Columbia Road, but who somehow fail to cross the East/West divide. Every time I go over to see friends on the East side, I always return envious of the gorgeous cafes like Violet or Treacle they have on their doorstep. From the achingly cool interiors that are filled with London's coolest people to the mouthwatering home made cakes, bread and lunches there is a wealth of choice over that side of London. It's just not fair!

The lack of cool cafes in Fulham seemed set to continue until very recently. Poppy's Place is a breath of fresh air to the local community. It has the look, feel and menu of a cafe that I've been craving for years. With light wood panelled walls, scrubbed wooden tables, and a vintage shop counter filled with retro blue crockery. It ticks all the boxes for me; from the books to the 'British' accessories like the cutest little tea cosies and the Jam jars filled with pretty Spring flowers that adorn each table supplied by Adventures in Flowers that I wrote about here.

Poppy's Place is the brainchild of Scarlett Guess, who's family runs Rowley's in Jermyn Street. She is very present in the cafe serving customers, chatting. She seemed genuinely pleased and grateful to see me the second time I popped in just for a coffee with the Mummies from school. She and her Chef Alistair Pritchard have created beautiful food, their motto being 'from farm to table'. This is the kind of place one is not rushed, you could easily just pop in for your coffee read the various papers and magazines on offer then find yourself staying for lunch or dinner. Service is not rushed allowing you to feel at home except this time you've got your feet up whilst being handed your cuppas by someone with a warm smile.

Coffee is excellent, made by an experienced Barista, just look at those perfect hearts in the photo below! One coffee was not enough for me so I had two... The husband and I both had the All Day Breakfast which was superb, served in a round enamel dish it consisted of the best quality sausage, bacon, two perfectly poached eggs, the cutest hash browns, a large mushroom with a sprinkle of chives, a ramekin filled with baked beans and a grilled sweet juicy tomato. Though I did wonder where my toast was and was just about to ask when the husband (who'd already been to Poppys with Matilda and had raved about it) preempted my thoughts and pointed out the bread station behind me. Basically you can help yourself to as much gorgeous fresh bread as you desire then pop it in the toaster, there is a nice selection of homemade jams, marmite and butter of course to go on top. What a novel idea, that way your toast is always freshly made and not hard from having sat on the side for ages. The bread so delicious I might start a little petition to encourage them to sell the loaves to the public.

On Wednesday and Saturday evenings Poppy's caters for a different crowd when they open for a candle lit dinner. The menu looked every bit as delicious as their all day offerings, simple with high quality sourced ingredients, which they more than happy to disclose. Which reminds me, I need to book that babysitter so we can go give it a go, I hear the steaks are to die for!

Fulham welcomes you with great big open arms Poppy's Place, we love what you've created for us! And Fulham people get yourselves down to Munster Road, you won't be disappointed.