Petersham Nurseries

Whenever I want to escape to a place that is the antithesis to my urban surroundings but don't want to drive too far, I head to Petersham Nurseries by Richmond Park. I have written about this magical place before, though it looked so beautiful today bathed in the warm sun, I wanted to share this with you.

I'd worked all morning in the kitchen whilst overseeing a very patient Matilda who spent her time trying to 'build a treehouse' in the garden. Please note our garden is nowhere near big enough, neither do we have an appropriately sized tree. Her 'treehouse' consisted of winding all three water hoses around the branch of our lilac tree, by standing on the bench underneath...

After lunch I proposed a trip to our favourite cafe in our favourite garden centre with a drive to see the deer in the park. Matilda immediately popped her crocs on and ran to the door. Petersham is one of her favourite places, as soon as she walks through the gates she's off down to the cafe to chose her cake and order her beloved apple juice. I had the delicious home made lemonade today which I highly recommend, thankfully not too sweet with just the right tartness to counteract the Cappuccino cake we shared. I'm yet to try the restaurant post Skye Gyngell (her new London solo venture is set to open this Spring!), I plan that to be my next outing to the nurseries. Well I do have a wedding anniversary coming up in May...this could be my best excuse yet to spend a romantic evening in this conservatory with the husband. If you're reading Glen what do you think? x