Makelight Workshop Part Two with Emily Quinton

You may remember that back in September I spent a very special day with a bunch of totally inspiring women lead by the extraordinarily talented Emily Quinton. Photographer, Blogger of Startup Wife fame, Maker and extraordinary Mother of four, she has single handedly thrown me into a photography obsession. Before attending her Makelight workshop I was terrified of our SLR camera, I didn't ever go near it, sticking to my phone camera or my trusted Lumix, which I still love I hasten to add. Styling a photo or having props had never entered my thoughts. Props were only for theatre shows, right? Wrong. Now there is no charity shop that can escape my eager scouting eye for little additions to my collection of props, that will enhance a mood or theme. I spend hours editing photos as well as taking them, Matilda now loves helping me set up a little shoot. In fact, only this morning she was rearranging a set up in the garden, then asked for her own camera so she could also take photos. Goodness listen to me, I almost sound like a professional! Not there yet, but I'm working on it each day.

At our request for Part Two after such a fabulous day back in the Autumn, sorry Emily you were coerced, three weeks ago a group of us spent a Saturday in a beautiful Dalston studio filled with light, that would awaken the artist in anyone. We took photos under Emily's watchful eye, compared notes, chatted, ate delicious food and cake prepared by us.

I came away from the day excited, knowing exactly what all those previously redundant buttons do on my camera. A renewed vigour in my love of photography has seen me take more risks since then, whilst I continue to explore my 'style'. This will come with time and I'm sure I'll make a lot of mistakes along the way, but you know what? I don't care because I'm having a ball rediscovering my creativity that has been buried for years under the slog of daily life and working all hours.

Thank you Emily for reigniting my creativity, for enabling my progress, for the encouragement and praise, and most of all for guiding me in this wonderful journey. And thank you to all the ladies that I've been sharing the ride with. I can't wait for more!

For all Bloggers out there who'd like to improve their photography I really couldn't recommend Emily's workshops any more highly. Take a look at her Makelight Workshops website