The vibrant Broadway Market, Hackney

Today Matilda and I spent the afternoon with one of my beautiful friends, Dionne. She lives over on the East side in Dalston just round the corner from one of the most vibrant markets in London. Broadway Market has become THE place to be on a Saturday.

Originally a food market that dates back to the 1890's it has now become just as well known for it's street food, vintage and handmade crafts. Achingly cool shops, bars and restaurants line the street itself with hordes of people (over 20,000 to be precise) crowding into the market each Saturday which is open from 8am to 5pm. The pavements were lined with revellers today, listening to live music, drinking in the sun and chatting amongst friends. It's such a fun, friendly atmosphere full of colour and East End vivacity and perfect for people watching. There are some fascinating male characters showcasing the look so unique to the East End, mostly beards, skinny turned up jeans and brightly coloured sunglasses. The females seem to have pulled their fabulous outfits from the many vintage shops in the area again accessorised by the aforementioned bright sunglasses. In keeping with the look I treated myself to a very cheery yellow necklace, whilst we ate our delicious sausage rolls from the bread stall, and drank freshly brewed coffee in the sun. It was the most perfect London afternoon. Have a great rest of the weekend!