Mothers Day Celebrations

My Mothers Day celebrations began early with the annual Nursery Assembly at Matilda's school this morning. It is a big event with a great Raffle with some wonderful prizes which of course I didn't win. Never have any luck with those things.

The children then sang three songs including a reworking of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful dedicated to us Mummies. There was not one Mother that didn't have a tear in their eye, it was just so moving to see our little ones up on the stage singing their little hearts out.

After their performance we were taken off to the bottom hall where we treated to a lovely selection of cupcakes and cakes with the children. We were each presented with a Primrose and a card made by their fair hand. It was a lovely treat for all of us, and so kind of their teachers to organise on top of doing such a great job of teaching our little ones.

A touching and heart warming start to the Mothers Day weekend. I do so love being a Mummy! Now it is time to put me feet up for the whole weekend. Milking it you say? Never!

Me and my gal xx