Happy International Women's Day

Today has got me thinking about my heroines, women that have been constant sources of inspiration to me throughout my life. Strong, idealistic, determined and independent women that I admire and respect. All these women have influenced my outlook on life, and what I have done with it. What a wonderful opportunity it is to celebrate being a Woman and what we have achieved whether in the world of politics, the arts or indeed at home with our families. Whatever our choices in life, it feels great that in our society we are now allowed to instigate our own free choices. There is some way to go in certain parts of the world where women still fight for their rights today, these are the fellow women we need to support and ensure their freedom of speech.

Happy International Women's Day sisters!

Marlene Dietrich
Marilyn Monroe

Vivienne Westwood
Frida Kahlo
Annie Leibovitz
Judy Garland
Hélène Cixous par Claude Truong-Ngoc 2011.jpg
Helene Cixous
PL Travers.jpg
P L Travers
Kathryn Hepburn
Emily Pankhurst

Judi Dench

Bette Davis
Virginia Woolf

Jane Campion
Sarah Bernhardt
Edith Piaf
Coco Chanel

Jane Austen

Simone De Beauvoir

And finally my Mother now at 86 years old this week.