Frollicking in Frinton

We had a ridiculously early check out at our hotel on Sunday. 10.30?! Yes indeed, what hotel has a 10.30 check out?! Thankfully no alarm clock required. Despite an extremely late night for her, Matilda woke us up at 8.30am full of the joys of Spring. On the plus side it did mean we weren't rushing, and could enjoy a leisurely breakfast whilst leaving at the time required.

With the sun shining we took the opportunity to take a drive along the coast. We stopped off for a walk along the beach just North of where we were, in Frinton On Sea. Only ten minutes away we arrived super early with plenty of time to discover a number of charity shops, and a lovely looking deli on the small high street which we would explore after our walk on the beach. A quiet, seemingly residential village in Winter, I'm sure the crowds gather in the height of Summer to take over the beach and it's surroundings.

A steep hill takes you down to an expansive sandy beach much to Matilda's delight as she was finally able to realise her dream of building sandcastles with Daddy once again. I, on the other hand, was happy to find the most incredible shells lying around the shore which I gathered up. Matilda was soon distracted by the large number of very friendly dogs that were also enjoying the Sunday stroll indulging her in her quest to take photos of each and every one. It is a lovely place for a trip to the seaside without the usual arcades or garish looking retailers, I can't wait to return in Summer to take a dip!