A Wedding by the Sea

We spent Saturday at a Wedding by the Sea. The sea was the North Sea and the town was Holland On Sea, just a cough and a spit up from Clacton. Clacton under the rain did not particularly appealing so we drove on to our destination, a much quieter more residential seaside town, there was only one garish Flamingo club on the seafront!

It was the perfect wedding, relaxed full of happiness and the love shone through the happy couple. After the huge hailstorm that crashed against the hotel subsided just moments before the ceremony began, the sun returned to pour in through the windows as the couple took their vows.

Purple was the colour of the day

I'm forever blowing bubbles

Their retro Penguin book wedding theme seemed appropriate for the location as did the fish and chip wedding breakfast, which everyone loved. Jars of penny sweets and biscuits were available for snacking, needless to say the children took full advantage whilst the adults got merry on champagne. This was Matilda's first wedding and she loved every minute. She cheered, rather loudly, at the bride's entrance, and the Registrar's announcement that the bride and groom were now a Mr and Mrs. She was the first up on the dance floor in the evening dancing incessantly until 10.30pm when she finally crashed after also taking over 250 photos of guests, door handles, the dance floor, the buffet table and interestingly the guests shoes. Some rather arty shots I might add...

Wedding Favours

Fish and chip with mushy peas Wedding breakfast

Chocolate brownies for pudding

Pondering her next dance routine on the dance floor

The cute Wedding Cake (photo by Matilda)

Felt flowers for each table (photo by Matilda)
Matilda managed to charm all the wedding guests with her infectious enthusiasm and over excitement at being there. She made lots of new friends both young and old, the word shy is certainly not applicable to her. She just goes over, introduces herself and off she goes. Here she is in her beautiful I love gorgeous dress and matching headband which she also wore at her birthday party back in December. Her fan base certainly increased over the weekend with a number of new friends around the country she has promised to go visit...

Like butter wouldn't melt...