Superbowl Sunday recipes for sharing

As the US prepares for Superbowl Sunday this weekend, I scoured Pinterest for the best of the Superbowl recipes. It traditionally a day when families and friends throughout the States reunite to watch the big game, large amounts of food are consumed buffet style. It is a huge event where the entire country, whether they're footfall fans or not join together in watching this sporting event. Dips are the most popular additions to the table, not dips as we English know them, but they're more like full meals in themselves eaten with chopped up veg or 'chips' that is crisps. Delicious they are too.

We like to join in the excitement in our house, though staying up all night has become more of a no no. I, like so many others, have a little confession to make. Yes my name is Fatima, and I am addicted to Pinterest. Isn't it wonderful though? I can lose hours drifting though beautiful imagery but it's also an invaluable source of information. I especially love discovering fascinating recipes from the world over. So yesterday when I typed in Superbowl recipes there were pages and pages to chose from, too many to share so here are my highlights:

Maine Lobster Dip

Turkey chilli by A Healthy Life For Me

New York Pizza Dip by Hamilton Beach

Sriracha Oven Fried Chicken Wings by Honestly Yum

Beer Candied Bacon by Giving Upon Perfect

Saucy Asian Meatballs by Smarty Had A Party

Cinnamon Cream Cheese dip by Girls Gone Sporty

Finally, not from Pinterest, but equally amazing is the Avocado and Bean layer dip by Liberty London girl that I tried out a couple of years ago, definitely worth making for the big night, so very good and reasonably healthy...

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday.