Matilda's Ballet show

After running around all day in what has turned out to be one of our busiest weeks this year, I took a little breather to go watch the end of term ballet presentation.

As well as being a good way to see how much Matilda has progressed, it also gives me a great insight into how she behaves in a class situation. It would seem she has plenty to say (no surprises there), is openly enthusiastic and has an extremely vivid imagination...when doing a building a sandcastle scenario which involved placing a seashell one by one she decided her seashells would be going in her bucket and home with her...that particular mime, I'm sure, didn't quite live up to the teacher's expectations!

It is lovely to see how she has developed throughout the term, her focus and technique have vastly improved . She clearly adores not only the dancing but the acting of it too. A huge part of me fears this, as having been in the business for 20 years myself I understand the constant heartache only too well.  I'd much rather she do a 'proper' job when she's all grown up, but secretly I know I'd be a very proud Mummy if I ever saw my girl up on stage, because I know she'd be doing it from the heart...just don't ever tell her I said that.

Teddy came to watch too!