Matilda's Art Competition entry...

Today was d-day, the final chance to enter the school Arts week competition. I can safely say that Matilda did all this work herself. The only help I gave was to stick each picture on to the card, but even then Matilda showed me exactly where each one would go.

This is all her own original work, and for the first time I'd seen, she wrote her own name unaided without copying...I must say I cheered! Her D looks rather like a B but hey the intention is there, proud Mummy I am. Though I do struggle with her growing up, becoming more and more independent as each day passes. 'No Mummy I can do it myself'...are words that provoke heart ache for me. She's no longer just my baby, she is a free thinking individual who is grasping her own mind...though she still can't reach the soap in bathroom. So until she does she'll remain my baby!