Martin Creed at the Hayward Gallery

Not sure it was the artist's intention but Martin Creed's What's the Point of it? exhibition is a perfect outing for children.

Matilda and her young friend Gus loved it. They adored the huge swinging lit up Mothers sign that presided over the first room. The huge wall covered in broccoli stamps and the projected animals and people walking along. Their favourite room, like I'm sure it is for everyone, who sees this exhibition is the one filled top to bottom with white balloons. Claustrophic, fun maze like experience that gives you crazy static hair is simply genius. Such a simple concept that takes you on a giddy journey where I was quite petrified of losing Matilda! Glen clutched on to her hand as she screeched around the room.

Martin Creed is one of the UK's most celebrated Conceptual artists, this show is a triumph of his tongue in cheek art taking everyday objects out of context giving them new significance. His work is full of humour and colour, whilst at the same time challenging our perception of the reality that shapes our thoughts and environment by giving it a new context. It is his biggest retrospective to date and occupies the whole of the Hayward including the terraces outside, his work crosses all media including film and music as well as installation and painting.

Brilliantly curated I'd definitely highly recommend a visit before it ends on the 27th April.