Chinese New Year in London

Each year London's Chinatown is awash with colour for Chinese New Year, thousands of people gather in the streets to celebrate Chinese culture and tradition. This year was no exception it was hard to negotiate the packed streets of London, Trafalgar Square was virtually impossible to enter when we arrived just after midday, and with a toddler in tow we refrained from attempting the battle.

One of the best things of today was being to walk the streets without fear of being run over by cars, Matilda scooted up Charing Cross road, drumming could be heard throughout Central London over the hordes who piled into the streets of Chinatown to see the red lanterns glittering in the light breeze. Not being able to see above all the tall people due to my height, and the husband being in charge of carrying Matilda so she could see (and not get lost!) I didn't get many good shots of the day but here's an idea of how colourful London looked today....

Souvenirs of the day

Mean and moody
Lanterns everywhere
The cutest lil dog in town!

The Year of the Horse

So many balloons

Learning Martial Arts on the street

Matilda was delighted to meet one of her heroes
Loved this guy in Covent Garden, just how does he do it?