A visit to the Tate Modern

It was Arts week at Matilda's school last week, the days of a specific Art teacher seem to be rapidly disappearing, so as an avid supporter of the Arts I was pleased to see that they play a significant part of her schooling. Matilda definitely has a creative streak whether she develops the performing or making side remains to be seen. Secretly I strive for her to go with Maths or Sciences though I fear that will only remain a pipe dream for me...

To mark the end of arts week the husband and I thought it'd be a good idea to take her along to the Tate Modern. The Tate is great for children, the Turbine Hall is a dream for little people on scooters! We had a good wander round, Matilda made lots of pertinent enquiries that at times we were at a loss as to how to explain. She loved the Dan Flavin installations and the Rothko room, though she wasn't quite so taken with famous shelves that were all over the press when a child was allowed to climb the £10 million sculpture, apparently the parents have described it as the girl was being 'anti establishment'. Needless to say we kept a firm grip on Matilda in case she got ideas too.

The Children's interactive room was a little disappointing, but the children made full use of the husband's legs to wind several long ribbons around causing great amusement. I'm guessing that during holiday times there is more going on, however the lack of arranged activities was a shame as on Saturday, as I'm sure happens most weekends, there were hordes of children ripe for the picking.

Do take time to visit their shop too which is filled with fascinating books and gifts. Their children's section is wonderful complete with inspirational buys, set to arouse creativity in your little ones. The views over the river are breath taking and on a beautifully sunny day are made all the more special, this is a fabulous way of spending an afternoon. Despite the building's architectural austerity it is a welcoming, fun place for the whole family. Go and enjoy!
No I'm not going climb up here Mummy 
Matilda was feeling a little queasy after convincing herself the painting behind had been done with blood.

Tied up by toddlers...
The husband enjoying Matilda's critical theory
Entranced by Dan Flavin
Having fun with a Superhero!