Winter thoughts

I watch the springs, the summers, the autumns;
And when comes the winter snow monotonous,
I shut all the doors and shutters
To build in the night my fairy palace.

- Baudelaire

With the excesses of Christmas now being laid to rest for another year, and everyone back to normality and daily routine, I find Charles Baudelaire's words rather poignant at this time of the year. Outside of work I do tend to hibernate in the Winter months, especially now I have a young daughter. Don't get me wrong I love to see the barren landscape, as if nature is taking a little rest before the onslaught of Spring. Nevertheless, I do rather enjoy the cosy feeling of being at home watching the wild weather unfold outside. Cooking up lots of yummy food for friends, baking naughty cakes, lighting candles and getting warm under a wool blanket with a good book in my hand is how I like to spend my Winter months. How do you like to get through these dreary months?