Toddler's say the cutest things...

For a while I was really good at writing down Matilda's cute sayings but I've been a little slack of late. Mostly because I can never find any pens, Matilda has a knack of 'hiding' them or fishing them out of my handbag so she can write in her notebooks.

Today's conversation I just had to share with you as it really tickled me. Reminded me of when at a young age I asked my Father where I'd come from to which he replied 'I bought you at the butcher's in North End Road'...

Matilda: 'Mummy, why did you and Daddy get married'
Me: 'Because we love each other'
Matilda: 'But why?'
Me: Because we love each other so we married and made you'
Matilda: 'Ah so you painted me, gave me cheeks, called me Matilda and I came to real life' I'm magic I can magic myself...'

That just sums up a child's charming, romantic version of the birds and the bees!