The Elephant Parade is coming soon...

Whilst wandering around the wonderful Top Drawer event a few weeks ago, I came across these beautiful hand painted elephants with a rather touching history. Father and Son (Marc and Mike Spitts) were travelling around Thailand when they visited the first Elephant hospital in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. There they met the baby elephant Mosha who lost her leg when she stepped on a landmine. This inspired him to set up an international charity dedicated to raising funds to help Asian elephants like Mosha pictured below. 20% of their net profits go directly to the dedicated Elephant Foundation which is responsible for distributing funds across various elephant welfare projects and organisations across Asia. Not only that but the foundation also plays an active role within worldwide welfare and educational projects.

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Photo from The elephant parade website
He set up The Elephant Parade and subsequent retail business using hand painted elephants made locally which are sold all over the world. A herd of life size elephants travels around the world raising awareness and funds, you may remember the Elephant Parade coming to London back in 2010. They are back this year and touring the UK from now until July when they will take over London again! In the meantime you can buy these striking elephants here or through this lovely company HomeArama who were showcasing the elephants at Top Drawer.

This is a replica of Baby Mosha