Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Today the toddler turned four and to celebrate we took her to Winter Wonderland. Like her Mother, she adores the magic of the Fair. Winter Wonderland really is a special place especially for children. The lights, the music (rather fantastic 80's soundtrack), the sheer variety of  rides, food outlets and stalls is astounding.

Thankfully it wasn't too hectic allowing us to fully appreciate the scale of the Christmas fair. Amazingly, it is free to enter though expect to pay an extra pound or so extra in comparison to other smaller fairgrounds. The big wheel allowed marvellous views over London despite the cloud, Matilda was more than enthused about being up that high and able to look at the other 'big wheel' and Big Ben. These being her two favourite London landmarks, though at the moment she believes Fulham is London, so tonight when the bus home reached our stop she exclaimed 'ah we're in London now'. She hasn't quite grasped the vastness of London just yet.

I could imagine what fun it would be to grab a group of friends and make merry with a few mugs of mulled wine and sausage sarnies. I was reminded of a wonderful weekend the husband and  I spent in Vienna perusing the Christmas markets, indulging in large mugs of delicious Gluhwein, buying beautiful wooden tree decorations and other little trinkets. If you want to immerse yourself in the festive spirit get yourselves down here...