Resisting temptation in Pitfield London, Hoxton #Makelight

Lunch on Saturday was a take out from one of my favourite shops/cafe in London. I hold seminars twice a year just across the road at the marvellous Court Theatre Training Company, so always take the opportunity to pop my head in, rarely leaving empty handed.

Pitfield London is one of the most beautifully eclectic shops I've laid eyes on, a treasure chest filled stunning pieces. As soon as I step across the threshold, I feel an overwhelming desire to whip out my credit cards and give them a good bashing through it's tills. Thankfully, I've become more sensible in my old age or is it just the fear of the husband questioning how large the credit card bill is that month...boring I know especially when I just wish I could transport the whole shop home.

Emily fully encouraged us to take photos whilst roaming around, waiting for our lunch (they have a sweet cafe selling freshly made sandwiches, salads and cake). So here we are, this is what you could take home with you if you paid this special place a visit!