Matilda the Photographer

Having decided to join Susannah Conway and her online #Augustbreak2013 group was one of the best decisions this Summer. I took a daily photo set around a group theme, though I didn't have to come up with words some days my mind and creativity were tested. As such Matilda was witness to Mummy setting up all sorts of shots in order to come up with a 'pic of the day'.

For the first time ever she insisted on having a go herself. She quickly grasped the 'selfie' concept, discovering it all alone as I hate having my photo taken. Her first few attempts were shockingly good! Here is a selection of her best shots including this first one of me. I loathe to have my photo taken but was actually pleasantly surprised with this one (just ignore the double chin)!

Here a few of her photos

 Bored whilst Mummy and Daddy are winetasting

And the lady herself!