La Cuisine Francaise

A holiday to France is never complete without gorging oneself on the delicious culinary delights this country has to offer. Each region has it's own traditions and wide ranging products, markets are a work of art in themselves, a veritable feast for the eyes. The choice of fruits, saucissons, pates, vegetables and those devilish cheeses are astounding.

The scent of a Boulangerie and Patisserie as you walk past is heavenly, fresh bread and croissant entice you in each day.

Needless to say we took full advantage of the wonderful resources surrounding us. We mostly cooked at home with the delicious produce picked up in the markets or roadside stalls where you buy direct from the Farmers. We tended to eat lunch out more and one top tip is to ask for half portions for children. Le Menu d'Enfant seems to be identical where ever you go, namely chicken nuggets or burger and chips or pizza. This can get tiresome for any child however much they like frites!

Here are a few of our favourites: